Government Failures at DPMO (Defense Prisoner of War / Missing Personnel Office )

Early in 2004 a long time government employee involved with the POW/MIA issue resigned, leaving behind a very interesting good-bye note to the “few good people left in DPMO.”

One of those “few good people” forwarded the note to the National Alliance of Families, and suggested we contact the notes author.

We initiated email correspondence and met with this individual twice, once in May and once in June of 2004. Our email correspondence continues.  Following in the footsteps of Col. Millard Peck, Dr. Timothy Castle and others, our source has provided a laundry list of DPMO failures. His good-bye note and subsequent correspondence with the National Alliance of Families is a stinging criticism and confirms what we’ve know all along. DPMO is a failure, whose mission is to block an active and thorough investigation on our missing Servicemen. Their job is to distort, mislead and dismiss any information that would question a policy decided decades ago.!

Click below to read the Sept 11, 2004 National Alliance of POW/MIA Families newsletter where these failures were described in detail.