POW Hrdlicka’s Documents

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Credibility of  Data Collection from US Government data, National Archives, Library of Congress.
Shootdown David’s first night in captivity
Loss Incident Early reports/statements by wingmen
Summary of Facts Summary of facts from David’s casualty file
History of a “secret war” Our engagement in Laos was a “secret war” run by the CIA.
Rescue Attempts US government denied rescue attempts “Duck Soup”.  Records found in  LBJ Library.
Tracking of Live POWs Air Traffic of POWs Recovered government records showing it’s tracking POWs.
Reward Offer Carried by pilots in case of shoot down.
Eyewitness Reports Reports on David received from Defense Intelligence and found in the archives by a researcher.
Early Eyewitness Reports Intelligence reports on POWs ranging from 1966 to 1970’s
Other Eye Witness Reports Live sightings on other POWs
Recent Eyewitness Reports Eyewitness Reports from 2000 to 2006
2008 Eyewitness Reports  2008 reports on American PWs living in South East Asia
2009 Eyewitness Reports 2009 reports on American PWs living in South East Asia
Eyewitness Reports from China Newly found report on American PWs in China
Evidence of POWs US Government Agencies that knew men were left behind.
Testimony of General Richard Secord Laos Chief of Air, CIA, 1966-1968; Laos Desk Officer, Defense Department, 1972-1975 confirms that men were left behind.
US Government Ineptness Government admits their failure. Aware of live POWs knows names & does nothing.
1981 White House Meeting Government refuses to negotiate release of 57 POWs in 1981.
Perot’s Efforts on Behalf of POWs US Policy not served by Perot’s efforts to negotiate for POWs
Perot-Reagan White House Perot working to set up an Emissary to Vietnam
Perot Advises President Reagan Perot lays out points on POW/MIA issue
Satellite imagery on POWs  Authenticator code being picked up by satellite of POWs.
The ‘1205 Document’ A Story of American Prisoner, Vietnamese Agents, Soviet Archives, Washington Bureaucrats, and the Media
Criminal activity during senate select committee hearing Kerry telling witnesses what to say prior to testimony before senate select committee hearing
1992 Senate Select Committee Hearings Misconduct by Senators Kerry & McCain on Senate Select Committee Hearings on POW/MIAs
Senator John Kerry John Kerry and the MIA Cover-up
Rand Studies  Research Project on Prisoners of War in Indochina 1969
John McCain McCain being an obstrucionist against Vietnam Era POW/MIA families
John McCain McCain gutting legislation to protect service men and women
Ivan Shchedrov Russian Correspondent Ivan Shchedrov was a correspondent during the war and had access to prisoners
Sydney Schanberg Article 2008 Sydney Schanberg “McCain and the POW Cover-up”
Schanberg Video Schanberg interview on Democracy Now
1969 Aerial Photo Laos POWs playing volleyball in Laos
Photo of Ban Nakay Document and photo of Ban Nakay POWs Laos
Carol’s Efforts 1992 Senate Select Committee Hearings POW/MIAs
Carol’s Testimony 1995 Subcommittee of the National Security Council Hearing
Carol’s Statement 1996 National Security Committee Military Personnel Subcommittee