Wedding 1956

My name is Carol Hrdlicka and I am the wife of Col. David L. Hrdlicka. David has three children David, Denise, and Damian. David has four grandchildren Dillen, David, Dane and Chandler and one great grandchild Tobrecan.
This web page is to give the real and true facts concerning my husband’s case as the US Government has been putting out misinformation for years. I want the public to see some of the documents I have found over the years so they can judge the facts of who is telling the truth.

David deserved much better from his government than to be left behind alive and in captivity because he was an inconvenience to the government and officials. Their rationale for this disgusting practice is that some have to be sacrificed for the greater good! The whole story is a very complex and convoluted one. History should be corrected to show the real truth of what happened to the POWs from WWII, Korea, and the Vietnam War.
It is a shame that the government officials lack the moral fiber or courage to do the right thing by our men. David had the misfortune to be captured in Laos, which the US government denied involvement.

So it should be no surprise that they left the men in captivity to cover themselves from public scrutiny. Once the lie was in place men’s careers were at stake! What a shame that a career is more important than a man’s freedom and life. David deserved to have his freedom and a life with his family.