On May 18, 1965 Col. David L. Hrdlicka was an Air Force pilot flying an F-105 jet aircraft as lead pilot on a mission over northern Laos.

His jet was hit by ground fire and David was forced to eject, parachuting into a valley near a village.

And the government admits it!

During the Vietnam war, the illegal war in Laos was a well-kept government secret.  During the peace treaty negotiations Laos WAS NOT INCLUDED, so the men left in Laos WERE NOT RETURNED.

Click on this link to watch CSPAN testimony of two former secretaries of defense before the 1992 Senate Select Committee hearings on POW/MIA Affairs, where they ADMIT men were left in captivity at the end of the Vietnam War.

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Important documents regarding David’s capture


Official document describing David’s first night in captivity.

Shootdown PDF


Loss Incident. Early reports/statements by wingmen


These reports are from the original reporting done to casualty. I was never given these reports until after 1977. The casualty officer would call and tell me what information they had on David’s shoot down. I was cautioned from the very beginning not to mention where David had gotten shot down as it was a “secret war” and I could get David killed. After I was told by McConnell AFB Commander of David’s loss, I wrote to the wingmen and asked for their description of what happened during that mission. Victor Cole did write me a letter explaining what he saw on that mission.

PDF of the Loss Incident report

Summary of facts from David’s casualty file


The summary of facts comes from the Air Force Casualty file. There is a casualty file kept on every man who was lost during the war. Each of the services: Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy had their own casualty file.  At the beginning of the war the individual services were tasked with keeping files on their losses. David’s original casualty reports are included here. Note that on the final casualty report it is stamped POW MIA to KIA. The question here is how does a man in captivity go missing from a prison system? Do you think the enemy would just lose their captives? Note that the reason given for declaring David dead is for “termination of pay and allowances”.

PDF Summary of Facts

Authenticator code being picked up by satellite of POWs.


As you read through the imagery documents keep in mind the US government has stated there were no men left behind. The US government received the USA “K” distress signal in 1988. During the 1992 Senate Select Committee Hearings on POW/MIAs the government officials were asked what had been done to investigate this signal.  The response was that they were still investigating in 1992!!! No one was immediately dispatched to the area to do an investigation! The first thought of these agencies is to ignore the evidencc.  Their next thought is how to disprove it. I personally talked to Lorenzo Burroughs and asked if he thought the USA “K” was a credible signal.  His response was yes. Many of the families were never told about these distress signals.

We had to read about them in the US News & World Report. The public is continually told the families are given all the information on their missing loved ones. Yet, we are never told anything that would suggest survival; only the information that suggests death. The question becomes how did someone come up with authenticator codes that just happened to match men that were lost? There have been many such sightings so what would the law of averages be that some of these signals are credible? f)o you think the captors are putting these signals down to be picked up hy satellite and if so, why? These signals were taught to men to use as a rescue tool to be used if captured.

PDF of  Satellite imagery on POWs

Rescue Attempts


ln 1992 I requested under the Freedom of Information Act all documents with David’s name on them and any information concerning rescue attempts. Under the law I should have received any documents that had David’s name on them. Note that at the top of most of the tlocuments on David’s website there is a list of agencies that the document went to. Yet, I have been told by those agencies I had all the documents. However, most of the documents concerning live sighting reports were never given to me. A researcher found several documents in the Archives that I had never been given by these agencies.

The “Duck Soup” documents were found in the LBJ Library. Mr. Trowbridge was in charge of investigating my husband’s case but he was unaware (he says) there was an operation “Duck Soup”. This is a very disturbing thought that he can’t even find documents that are in the system but he is in charge of finding my husband! General Secord testified to a “raft of cables” on rescue attempts. Yet, Mr. Trowbridge had never requested any of this information from the Central Intelligence Agency. I had personally been told in 1965 that the agencies were trying to rescue David, so why would someone investigating David’s case lie to me in 1992 about rescue affempts?  The actions of individuals in these agencies are criminal and there should be accountability. David should have never been sent into an illegal war as he was regular military not in covert operations

Rescue Attempts


Government Failures At DPMO

In early 2004, a long time government DPMO employee involved with the POW/MIA issue resigned, leaving behind a very interesting good-bye note to the “few good people left in DPMO.”

DPMO stands for Defense Prisioners of War/ Missing Personnel Office.  One of those “few good people” forwarded the note to the National Alliance of POW/MIA Families, and suggested we contact the notes author.  What happened next was harrowing and eye opening.

POW Hrdlicka’s Timeline

May 18, 1965

Shot down , captured, well documented alive in captivity in Sam Neua, Laos, which was the Pathet Lao Headquarters.

October 7, 1965

Photo appeared in Vietnam Courier.  Later identified as Hrdlicka.

May 22, 1966

Reports were received from the Pathet Lao on the Hrdlicka capture, two tape recordings allegedly made by Hrdlicka. Letter written to Prince Souphanouvong, asking to be released.

July 22, 1966

Hanoi publication, QUAN DOI NHAN DAN, printed capture photo.  An article identified photo as Hrdlicka.

August 31, 1966

Capture photo appeared in Russian newspaper, Pravda.

May 5, 1967

A Laotian representative advised The International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland that Hrdlicka had been captured.

Also, watch the documentary

Prisoners of War Betrayed

My name is Carol Hrdlicka and I am the wife of Col. David L. Hrdlicka.

This webpage is to give the real and true facts concerning my husband’s case as the US Government has been putting out misinformation for years. I want the public to see some of the documents I have collected over the years so they can judge the facts of who is telling the truth.  I’ve also written a book that includes all of the details of my plight to bring David home.  Read more about the book below.


This book is a tribute to David and the other men forgotten and left in captivity.

This book is the story about David Hrdlicka’s wife’s (Carol) quest for truth. Her journey takes her to the halls of power in Washington D.C. to lobby for his release. She uncovers the deceitfulness of government agencies, testifies before Congressional Committees, and meets with Congressmen to garner support for negotiating David’s release. At every turn, she is met with indifference and down-right lies which only strengthens her resolve to find David.


Images of a family still awaiting answers

David has three children: David, Denise, and Damian. He also has four grandchildren: Dillen, David, Dane and Chandler, and several great grandchildren.  They are all still waiting for answers from our government.